Welcome to BLUEFISH

Bluefish Concepts is a unique product design and prototyping company.  We work closely with our clients to help them develop and present their ideas in extraordinary ways.

Our focus is to help inventors and entrepreneurs maximize their opportunities.  For many clients, that means designing their product and producing a show model.  Often clients come to Bluefish with an idea or invention, and  leave with the product designed, engineered, and a finished prototype ready to take to manufacturing. 

Some clients will engage Bluefish to conduct R&D to determine if their idea is feasible for manufacturing.  For others, our services may only be to answer some questions and provide guidance about the process of developing a product.  Wherever you are in your journey, we can help. click here to learn more.  

Bluefish Concepts is the in-house design and prototyping company for CNBC's "Make me a Millionaire Inventor". *Note: We are not responsible for casting inventors. For more information about the program click here.

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Who we are

Bluefish Concepts was founded by Michael Fineberg and Martin Dalgaard, both 20 year veterans in the consumer products industry. Michael comes from a background of sales, marketing and product management, ensuring a solid business approach is taken with every product we develop. Martin is a mechanical engineer and product designer that has created hundreds of products across multiple categories.  Together with the talented team of engineers and designers at Bluefish, they focus on each client as an individual.

Bluefish Concepts is a “Work for Hire” design firm, which means we charge a fee for development services. We select clients based on our ability to add the most value to their needs.  Unlike some "inventor help" services, we won't be making any outrageous guarantees to you about securing licensing deals for your idea or invention.  Additionally,  Bluefish is not an investment group, and we don't try to buy ideas from inventors or promise to raise a bunch of money for you.

We are a group of designers, engineers and marketers that love creating products.  To learn more about working with us, click on the link below.